YOUR Dream Man May Not be the Best Man

You mesmerize about him. You pictured everything that you looked for in a guy would be in your very arms one day. Perhaps wrapped around your fingers. What made your dream guy different from the others is the very fact that he fits the physical description: Six foot or better, athletic appearance,  a smile that will sweep you off of your feet. His watch makes a statement. His diamonds defines who he is. He is driven by status. He could pick you up in his arms and automatically you feel a rush of emotion or what some would refer to as “WET”.  Where have you been my entire life? For some that dream guy is well-off financially or in the midst of fame and fortune, possibly popularity.  Dear reader I could sense the drastic change in  your emotion as I describe your potential dream guy. What ever it may be, your dream guy has something that can directly relate to power. Yes I said it , power. Your feminine instinct draws you to power. You are infatuated, aren’t you? This power could very well be correlated to a familiar trait in the household or a lack of a masculine figure in the household. Some way and some how you want a man to dictate you, to fill a void , or maintain a sense of familiarity. Where am I going with this? You’ve reach a point in this entry where my choice of opinionated words comes off as bullshit to your very eyes but in the real world your dream guy has a life set up where there was a feminine figure in his life before the power, the money, and the fame, and no I’m not talking about his mother. You exchange text with him and his primary reply is, ” I am busy, I am always busy”. You become frustrated, not with his words but the fact that this is the only mean of communication between the two of you.

You over looked the single guy with no popularity. The well suited man with a 401k plan, who clocks into his 9-5 every morning , and doesn’t miss a beat. His schedule is open. He’s never failed to pay a bill better yet his dues in society. Possibly the man with a small business who is so humble that the business aspect of his well-being is disguised, to know him perhaps you would have to dig deep. Too much work huh? He’s not flashy enough. He is the guy who attends sunday service and loves his mother unconditionally. You are his dream woman but you’ll never know. Your curves are so well rounded, you never miss a day without your face beautifully made up, your soft look is always curled to wonders, your Valentinos strapped so beautifully around your ankles, he’s thinking to himself , ” Damn will I ever be able to afford her” ?  You attract the popular men so he gets the impression that he would never stand a chance. Your smile comes off as shy but it is no secret what type of guys you let in.  When will you be able to let go your nonchalant behaviors and notice him. He’s in front of you, particularly in the friend zone. He is in the friend zone ready to worship the ground that you walk on. He has shares within his company and is able to travel the world. He envisions you as his travel companion but you would never know. Ladies I just described your dream guy, alienated in the zone and you’ll never know

Written and Published By Shay Renee

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If you’ve thought of your plan for success, you have thought of yourself on a higher dimension and on a platform solely based on financial freedom. The next step is executing your plan. A plan without execution is said to be a life-less blueprint, Start today! Use your 9-5 as a stepping stone, you are not destined to stay there.

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Single , No Kids, Are You Loving It?

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Unbelievable Transformations!

Photo Credit: Utw.me

Photo Credit: Utw.me

Is there ever a stop button? Since the surface of buttock augmentation also referred to as ” ass shots” or ” fat transfers” , things have never been the same. If a woman naturally have those assets, she almost have to prove that she is 100% natural or forever hold her peace and get bombarded with the questions and accusations of being injected. I say this because personally I’m one of those women who is constantly being asked, Is it Real? I am not offended by these questions because this is what I expect in a generation that have changed their perception of what a woman should look like and what she is willing to change within herself to meet that criteria. Nowadays the image of what a model should look like have completely transformed but this only applies to the entertainment industry and not your “America’s Next Top Model”. Woman averaging from about 150-180 lbs now have any opportunity to show off their assets and are limited to the hip hop industry . There are ways that a woman of this physique can work her way up into higher roles but it’s not a walk in the park. The question that I want to conclude with is, How do you distinguish the differences between what is real and what is not?



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Drum Circle Miami Beach Florida

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Drum Circle held between 79th and 85th and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. The experience was breathtaking. Drum Circle is an event held each time there is a full moon. The event features drummers, fire dancers, and those who are engaged in the arts. Hundreds gather at the shore to celebrate the night of a full moon. If there happens full moon you can be sure that a Drum Circle is in full effect