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If you’ve thought of your plan for success, you have thought of yourself on a higher dimension and on a platform solely based on financial freedom. The next step is executing your plan. A plan without execution is said to be a life-less blueprint, Start today! Use your 9-5 as a stepping stone, you are not destined to stay there.

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Single , No Kids, Are You Loving It?

Find out why the statistics related to childbirth is at an all time low. See what the majority voted on in regards to the importance of having children

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Unbelievable Transformations!

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Is there ever a stop button? Since the surface of buttock augmentation also referred to as ” ass shots” or ” fat transfers” , things have never been the same. If a woman naturally have those assets, she almost have to prove that she is 100% natural or forever hold her peace and get bombarded with the questions and accusations of being injected. I say this because personally I’m one of those women who is constantly being asked, Is it Real? I am not offended by these questions because this is what I expect in a generation that have changed their perception of what a woman should look like and what she is willing to change within herself to meet that criteria. Nowadays the image of what a model should look like have completely transformed but this only applies to the entertainment industry and not your “America’s Next Top Model”. Woman averaging from about 150-180 lbs now have any opportunity to show off their assets and are limited to the hip hop industry . There are ways that a woman of this physique can work her way up into higher roles but it’s not a walk in the park. The question that I want to conclude with is, How do you distinguish the differences between what is real and what is not?



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#WomanCrushWednesday: Meagan Good

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Drum Circle Miami Beach Florida

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Drum Circle held between 79th and 85th and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. The experience was breathtaking. Drum Circle is an event held each time there is a full moon. The event features drummers, fire dancers, and those who are engaged in the arts. Hundreds gather at the shore to celebrate the night of a full moon. If there happens full moon you can be sure that a Drum Circle is in full effect


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Waxing Creativity At Its Best: Vaginal Hairstyles

This topic is beyond interesting. I never thought that there was such sites that existed until I thought how boring the plain wax can be. Upon my web search for ideas, I came across a video put together by blogger Bobbie Chuan. What you may see is graphic but for women how take pleasure in appearance of their vajayjay, here’s some ideas on Vaginal cuts. I am scheduled for a full Brazilian wax in the AM but I am undecided on which would fit my interest. Kudos to Bobbie and to my viewers enjoy!