Meet The Up And Coming Prince of R&B , @Dluxmusic


Nothing is more appealing than the sound of music coming from a gentleman that the ladies will find to be a work of art mixed with talent that everyone will give into. With his new single ” Bomb Bomb” featuring Ace Hood produced by DJ Pain 1, Daryl ” Dlux” Lux is prepared to bring back what entertainment has put on the back burner, the sweet sound of R&B. Mr. Lux grew up using music as an escape from a rough child hood but always kept the hope that one day his talent would be recognized. Dlux’s sound caught the attention of Mel Smith, President of the up and coming All In Music Entertainment, Senior Vice President of Promotions at Cash Money Records, and the man behind some of hip hop’s memorable careers. DLUX is ready to take on the industry and give us what we’ve been missing, Some Baby Making Music!

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The Beef Gets Laid To Rest


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“Rapper T.I. is the Henry Kissinger of hip hop … because he’s done what seemed like the impossible … brokering a peace treaty between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy … TMZ has learned.
You’ll recall … the Ross/Jeezy beef goes way back … and got nuclear at the BET Hip Hop Awards two years ago when the two rappers tangled backstage and shots were fired in the parking lot.

Sources close to both men tell TMZ those days are gone — as is the bad blood — all thanks to T.I., who had a kumbaya moment with Jeezy.

T.I. told us he had a heart-to-heart with Jeezy and got him to see he had taken his eye off the ball. He was focusing on bad blood rather than what was important — MAKING MONEY.

Jeezy saw the light and Rick ended up seeing things the same way.

Not only did they bury the hatchet, they agreed to work together on a new Ross track.

Follow the money … and life will be easy Jeezy. ” (

Unbelievable Transformations!

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Is there ever a stop button? Since the surface of buttock augmentation also referred to as ” ass shots”, things have never been the same. If a woman naturally have those assets, she almost have to prove that she is 100% natural or forever hold her peace and get bombarded with the questions and accusations of being injected. I say this because personally I’m one of those women who is constantly being asked, Is it Real? I am not offended by these questions because this is what I expect in a generation that have changed their perception of what a woman should look like and what she is willing to change within herself to meet that criteria. Nowadays the image of what a model should look like have completely transformed but this only applies to the entertainment industry and not your “America’s Next Top Model”. Woman averaging from about 150-180 lbs now have any opportunity to show off their assets and are limited to the hip hop industry . There are ways that a woman of this physique can work her way up into higher roles but it’s not a walk in the park. The question that I want to conclude with is, How do you distinguish the differences between what is real and what is not?

We Will Never Forget Trayvon Martin


Today Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen killed in 2012, would have turned 19 years old. A case that will go down in history and will forever be remembered. On February 26, 2012 just 21 days after his 17th birthday, Martin, a resident of Miami Gardens Florida, was shot and killed in Sanford Florida while trying to make it home. Today we remember not only Trayvon Martin but the pain that Ms. Sybrina Fulton have endured as many across the nation give recognition to him and his loved ones on this very day.

Happy 19th Birthday Trayvon Martin  

Snow Storm Shuts Down Metro Atlanta And a Safe Delivery on I-285

Photo Credit: Alex Davies/Georgia Department of Tranportation

Photo Credit: Alex Davies/Georgia Department of Tranportation

An average wait time of 9 or more hours in traffic, schools across every county shutdown with many students still in attendance and motor vehicle accidents climbing in numbers, all are the result of today’s snowstorm in Atlanta and surrounding areas with 1-3 inches of snowfall covering the entire city making Metro Atlanta unnoticeable. The city doesn’t get snowfall often and it is very obvious. While Governor Nathan Deal and Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed ordered the Government to be shut down with emergency crews unclogging the interstates, one bundle of joy could not wait to be brought into this world.

Around 5 pm near Riverside Drive on Interstate 285. A mother gave birth to a baby girl. An experience to remember. The couple were on their way to a local hospital but failed to reach their destination due to icy roads and traffic congestion. Conditions forced the father to be to pull over and take action. Officer Timothy Sheffield of Sandy Springs Police Department assisted in the delivery. Both mother and baby are safe and were transported via emergency crews to a local hospital. We just needed this joy in a time of crisis, life is very precious.


The 2014 Grammy Awards Showdown

Drunk in love! Yes you would have needed more than just watermelon to grasp the direction of the opening performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Hollywood’s most talked about couple, Mr. & Mrs. Carter stunned the crowd with a break taking performance that will go down in Grammy history. The two showed that they are not your ordinary duo by taking sexiness to another level. While millions of viewers were fixed on Beyoncé riding with no surfboard, Rapper, Singer/Producer Pharrell Williams’s hat by designer Vivienne Westwood made headlines for its bizarre Mountain top presentation. What inspired his choice of attire for the Grammys? In attendance were some the most biggest names in Hollywood. Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, and many more of the industry’s music and motion picture moguls. This year there is one word that described the Grammys, Unforgettable.

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty